If your sign was ordered with standoffs, mounting on drywall, wood and masonry is easy.

You can easily use the sign as a template for where to drill. Do not remove the protective wrap that your sign came wrapped in.

1. Gently puncture the wrap at each of the mounting hole locations with a pencil.

2. Have a helper hold the sign in place face first against the mounting surface (drywall, brick wall, etc) where you would like the sign to be mounted.

3. Mark the center of each hole with an X through the holes you made in the wrap in step 1.

4. Take down the sign and drill your holes.

5. Use the provided anchors to mount each of your 4 to 6 standoffs to the wall.

6. Remove the protective wrap from your sign, and mount it to the standoffs using the standoff caps to secure the sign and give a polished finish.

The 2" stand-offs mount the sign far enough from the wall to allow you to reach behind the sign to manually adjust each module with the three control buttons, or you can use an IR remote to configure the sign from a distance.


Indoor frames mount like a picture using the mounting notches on each side of the frame. Measure the distance between the mounting holes on each side of the frame and use that measurement as a guide to drill your mounting holes. Use appropriate anchors for your mounting surface to anchor a screw at each location leaving enough space between the screw head and the wall to allow for the frame to slip over the head and fit snugly against the wall. Once complete simply hang the frame on the screws. For safety reasons it is recommended that you place another screw or bracket at the top center of your sign to prevent it from being knocked up and off of the mounting screws.


Outdoor enclosures are shipped without a hole drilled for electrical wires. This allows you to choose the best placement for the electrical conduit or cable to meet your specific mounting location, surface, and local electrical codes.

A small 6' test plug is provided and wired so that you can test your sign before it is fully mounted, but this cable should never be used for long term operation of your sign.

We recommend you have a local electrician install outdoor signs as they will know the local code requirements and have the knowledge to wire and mount the sign where you want it.