Yes!  All of the power supplies used in our signs are 220V/120V capable.  They will be sized appropriately for your unique sign configuration.


Signs ordered with the outdoor enclosure option contain a power supply unit that can be direct wired with 110/220V.  Simply ensure that the selector switch is set appropriately for the voltage you will be supplying the sign.

INDOOR SIGNS (Multiple Display)

IEC C5 Mates with Power Brick (Our Most Commonly Stocked)
IEC C13 Mates with Power Brick

All multiple display indoor signs will be shipped with a 220V capable power supply with US 3 prong cord with either a IEC320 C5 or C13 female end.  You can use the US plug with an inexpensive plug adapter (no voltage conversion necessary) or swap out the cord for an appropriate one compatible with the plug style used in your country.    

INDOOR SIGNS (Single Display)

Single displays signs may ship with a "wall wart" style power supply.  These supplies are also compatible with 220V and can be used with an inexpensive travel adapter.  If you prefer a corded option please send us an email or call to talk with one of our customer service representatives to ensure your order ships with the appropriate power supply.