The proofing option allows our designer to know how much assistance to provide you with regard to your design.

No proof required. Print as is.

Select this option if you are certain your design is ready to print.  This option is appropriate if you have ordered this sign before or you are ordering an unmodified stock design.  Your order will be processed without first providing you a proof to approve.  This option will speed up your order by skipping the proofing process, but is not recommended if you have made any modifications to a design.

Check for issues with my design

Select this option if you are happy with your general design and layout.  A designer will review your design to ensure that it can be printed correctly with your chosen mounting option.  For example, when ordering a design with an exterior enclosure, the overlap of the frame may obscure some of your design.  We have included guides in the designer to help you account for this, but our designer will double check this and scale your design to be fully visible on the final sign.

The designer will also ensure that key elements are symmetrical and labels are evenly spaced.  These things can be hard to get exactly right using our online tool but are minor modifications.  Once the designer has made these changes you will receive a proof which you must approve before your order is printed and assembled.

Show me a recommended design

Select this option if you would like our designer to use your submitted design as inspiration to create a completely different design.  The designer will use the graphics and text you have provided but may rearrange text and modules and add design elements to spruce up the design.  You will receive a proof that may look nothing like your submitted design but retains all the key elements of it.  If you are unhappy with the proof you receive there will be plenty of opportunities to provide feedback for alterations before you approve a proof and your order is processed.