Included with your sign will be 4 to 6 polished stand offs that must be mounted to the wall with wall anchors.  

Your sign will have holes for the standoffs drilled in the correct locations. 

The sign itself can be used as a template for drilling the necessary holes in your mounting surface (drywall, brick, etc).  Simply hold the sign up in the desired location with the face toward the wall.  Mark the holes.  Mount the standoff bases and secure the sign to them by screwing down the end caps.

This is what your standoff mounted sign will look like

Basic Frame

Your sign will include a high quality 13/16" backless aluminum black matte frame suitable for mounting indoors.

Outdoor Enclosure

Example of a sign mounted in an outdoor enclosure.

3 3/4" Sign Grade Extrusion Frame

Your sign will be shipped assembled within a 3 3/4" deep powder coated aluminum frame and a .040 aluminum back panel.


A silicone bead will be applied around the edge of the back panel to the aluminum extrusions. 

Silicone Bead being applied to back panel

A red filter is applied to each display window to help eliminate sunlight from obscuring the digits. 



An exterior grade power supply will be mounted inside the frame and wired with a test power cord.  

Additional Notes:

Since we do not know how or where you will mount your sign there are no holes for power or data pre-drilled in the frame. 

You will need to contact a licensed electrician to drill your holes in the proper location and hard wire the sign per your local electrical code requirements.