These instructions assume your display is running the 8.X firmware.  When you power the sign on the numeric displays should scroll COUSIGN 8.x.

Make sure you have these instructions in front of you: 4 Digit Display Operation Instructions Version 8.x Firmware and are familiar with how to navigate to each of the menus.

If the display is not counting automatically on its own each day, check the following settings.

1. Count Increment - Set to 1   (this means add 1 each time it counts)

2. Count Direction - Set to UP  (Off will disable counting)

3. Count Frequency - Set to Day  (if set to wee (week) or mon (month) it will look like its not counting for a week or month)

Make sure the count range is all set to defaults.  (Anything else will skip counting on various days)

4. Start Day - Set to Sun

5. Start Hour - Set to 0

6. Start Minute - Set to 0

7. End Day - Set to Sat

8. End Hour - Set to 23

9. End Minute - Set to 59